AGROSITOS S.A. was founded in 2010 and operates in a wide range of agricultural activities. It started its business with cereal trading (wheat, barley and oats) and in 2012 it was also expanded to the seed production as well.
Since then, our company owns exclusive selections of (hard wheat, soft wheat, barley, forage pea and forage broad bean). In 2014, the company embarked on its first exports to foreign countries and since then we are co-operating with several countries such as Cyprus.
At national level, AGROSITOS S.A. co-operates with the Greek Institute of Plant Breeding and Genetic Resources as well as with the Greek Institute of Industrial and Forage Crops.

Over the years AGROSITOS S.A. has established international partnerships with some of the largest seed production companies in the world, strengthening its position in the agricultural business field.
Furthermore, AGROSITOS S.A. has a contract with ATHENIAN BREWERY S.A. (Amstel, Heineken etc.), the largest producer and distributor of beer in Greece. A broad range of similar collaborations have led to the requirement to improve our equipment, therefore AGROSITOS S.A. now has α contemporary seed cleaning machine as well as a seed coating machine. The company does also business at the field of forage plants (Sorghum, Lolium, Alfalfa, Setaria Italica, Pennisetum Glaucum) etc. The last few years, our company has started operating in the fertilizer business, with a wide range of top-quality foliar fertilizers for all kinds of crops, in order to support our customers’ needs during the whole cultivation period.

We always try to support our customers with excellent quality, consistency and honesty.

Our Team

President & CEO

President & CEO

Vasilios Tapalis

Phone: +30 6947895914
Sales Manager of Central Greece

Sales Manager of Central Greece

Philipos Zanakis

Phone: +30 6983909095
Sales Manager of Northern Greece

Sales Manager
of Northern Greece

Tsiourelas Christos

Phone: +30 6987755150
Sales Manager of Western Greece

Sales Manager
of Western Greece

Andreou Konstantia

Phone: +30 6936142243
Plant Protection Officer

Plant Protection Officer

Production Manager

Production Manager

Mouratidis Alexios

Accounting supervisor

Accounting supervisor

Secretarial Support - Seed  Production Manager

Secretarial Support - Seed Production Manager

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