Buffalo Grain (Sorghum per Sudangrass)

Excellent leaf / stem ratio

High digestibility and protein content.


Agronomic Indications

Use Pasture, Hay, Silage, Biogas, Bio-combustion.
Sowing Period Spring.
Sowing Dose 20 Kg/Ha
Fertilization Max 100-150 N/Ha
Height About 1,80-2,20 m.
Production Hight production (50 tons/Ha).


Notable Characteristics

Cut Single cut.
Fiber BMR.
Cycle/Earing days 75/80
Grain color Red
Lodging Resistance Highly resistant to lodging.
Stem/Leaves Stalk Medium height with very thick stalks. Large leaf.
Biomass Best quality for silos given the possibility of mass rather than grain form.
Digestibility High digestibility and protein content of the final product.

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