Pacific Graze (Sorghum Bicolor x Sorghum Sudanense)

  • Early cycle hybrid that can be an excellent solution for crop rotation.
  • Small white seed that can be used for silage and hay.
  • Its thin stem speeds up the drying process, producing high quality hay.

  • Agronomic Indications

    Use Hay, Silage
    Sowing season Spring
    Sowing installments In rows, 4.5-5 kg/, in irrigated soils
    Fertilizing Maximum: 10-15 N/
    Height of plants About 2-2.2 meters
    Flowering 60-65 days from sowing
    Yield High, 5 tonnes/ green substance in irrigated crop
    Re-growths Excellent, many cuts
    Resistance to drought Good
    Resistance to shading Not good
    Protein High protein content. Harvest during the ripening phase produces the highest protein concentration

    Pacific Graze
    Pacific Graze

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