Riviera Vicentina

Riviera Vicentina

Variety obtained by phenotypic selection of wild plants ecotype ‘Leonicena. “And ‘characterized by great Leafiness, stem from relatively multistrand, is distinguished by the high tillering accompanied by an early vegetative growth in spring.
Excellent resistance to pathogens and adverse soil and climate, differing for the long life of the system (5-6 years) and for the speed of regrowth (5-6 cuts).
Since enrollment RIVIERA VICENTINA distinguished itself for its high and constant production of forage and for its adaptability in the Italian territory.
A test published sull’Informatore Agrario (No. 10/2009) concerning tive to some experiments carried out in the area of Mantua the RIVIERA VICENTINA was the third most productive varieties.


  • DORMANCY 7: (middle dorm ant)
  • PROD. CYCLE: Early
  • BEARING: Erect, size tall
  • STEMS: Fine
  • COLOR FLOWER: Purple
  • LEAVES: Great Leafiness
  • PRODUCTIVITY: High and regular
  • LONGEVITY: Very High
  • RE-BIRTH: Very elevated


  • USE: Gree n fodder and silage
  • CHARACTERISTICS: Excellent production and quality
  • FIBER: Low, excellent digestibility
  • PROTEIN: High
  • LAND: All types
  • CLIMATE: Tempered, good environmental adaptability
  • SOWING: August / September , March / April
  • SOWING QUANTITY: 25/35 Kg/Ha

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