DICHONDRA (Dichondra Repens)

DICHONDRA REPENS is an ideal macro-term for sowing confined areas or areas that are difficult to cut such as rock gardens and flower beds.
The Dichondra repens turf stands out for its density, its lush bright green color and the velvety silkiness of the mantle: with Dichondra repens any lawn can become a showpiece.
It grows well in full sun or with partial shade and is well suited to all types of soil, as long as there is no water stagnation on the surface.
It is well suited to Mediterranean climates where it maintains its bright green color even in the winter months.
Quantity of seeds: 10gr/m2.Features:

  • It tolerates heat and drought well
  • Excellent aesthetic qualities
  • It does not require cuts
Density High
Colour Bright green
Wear tolerance Middle resistant
Disease resistant Good

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